Our photos are raw photos from our construction sites and homes we have constructed and worked on. We believe its important to show who we are and what we do with out editing photos, thus giving our future home owners real life perspectives.


Our framers are well seasoned crews that go above and beyond the requirements of the building code. From 2×6 wall studs to 2×12 floor joist to 8×8 posts to 8×24 glue lam beams allow us to build a sturdy home for you and your family. When we design our homes we insure adequate calculations of snow loads,  wind speeds & shear wall strength with your families safety at the fore front of our mind.

Framing 23
Framing 22
Framing 21
Framing 20
Framing 19
Framing 18
Framing 17
Framing 16
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