Stone Work

Our photos are raw photos from our construction sites and homes we have constructed and worked on. We believe its important to show who we are and what we do with out editing photos, thus giving our future home owners real life perspectives.


In general, the geology of the Pacific Northwest is characterized by darker tones; darker than that of the western

United States. Consequently, many Northwestern regional profiles reflect this darker color palette. From the dark gray-browns of the tailored, chisel-cut Broken Top to the mix of sienna brown and ashen

gray ledge-like stone of Mountain Ledge, each Northwestern regional profile is distinct.

Many Pacific Northwest structures were also built with an abundance of stone. Northwestern Regional

Profiles include Limestone, Vintage Manor, Cobblestone and Stacked Stone honors the

architecture of our homes.

Stone 8
Stone 7
Stone 6
Stone 5
Stone 4
Stone 3
Stone 2
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